Your Face Can Be In Public Art

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The Durham-based artist team of David Wilson and Stephen Hayes, commissioned in November 2019 to create public artwork for the new CMPD Independence Police Station, needs your help.

The artists are asking Charlotte residents, particularly those living in the CMPD Independence jurisdiction (the vicinity covering Sharon Amity to Matthews), to take six profile shots of themselves with their cellphones for possible inclusion in the artwork they are creating for the community.

You can hear the artists detail the concept for their artwork and instructions for how to take your profile pictures in the video below.

Once you have snapped your six profile shots with your cellphone, submit them to this Dropbox location; if you have a Dropbox account, log out before uploading your images. The deadline to submit images is 5 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 3, 2020.

After adding your images:

1) Enter your email address and your name in the name field, like in the example above; if you are a CMPD officer, please add “CMPD” after your name in the name field

2) Enter your email address again in the email field

3) Click “Upload”

If your portrait is selected for the artwork, the artist will contact you to sign a release form.

Artist concept for CMPD Independence public artwork.