Your Action is Critical to the Equitable Future of Arts and Culture in Charlotte

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Hola Festival.

This week, the Charlotte City Council Arts & Culture Ad Hoc Committee proposed a new arts and cultural funding framework for the upcoming fiscal year. What this means is the city would shift its investment in ASC to a “third-party administrative account.” You can read the entire proposal here.

The ad hoc committee will present its proposal to the full Charlotte City Council at its strategy session on Monday, March 1, 2021, at 5 p.m. We need you to contact your City Council representatives now to voice your support for ASC and to continue funding ASC so it can invest in the individual creatives and arts and culture organizations of all sizes in an equitable manner.

Here are the key points we would ask you to make:

  • The needs in our arts and culture community are urgent. Why build a replicant when ASC is a proven, viable option? There are a host of unknowns, not only about how the council’s Arts & Culture Ad Hoc Committee proposal may be implemented, but also what arts and culture organizations would be supported in FY22 and what funding would be available for creative individuals, if any. The impacts of COVID-19 have devastated the sector. What our cultural community needs right now is a reliable, trusted framework that ensures a smooth and equitable distribution of resources.
  • ASC has a commitment to cultural equity. It has been doing this work for the better part of the past decade and its recent Cultural Equity Report outlines not only its history but, just as important, the steps it has taken. Working for a more equitable cultural community is critical to ensuring Charlotte is a place where our full cultural and creative ecosystem can thrive.
  • ASC’s experience and expertise in cultural grantmaking is unmatched. Funding arts and culture organizations and individual creatives is about more than writing a check. An equity lens, as outlined in its Cultural Equity statement, guides ASC’s grantmaking decisions and promotes greater public accountability and transparency. Additionally, ensuring that grant decisions reflect the diversity of Charlotte requires extensive staff hours, recruiting panels that represent our diverse community in terms of race and ethnicity as well as broad creative disciplines and community perspectives. It also requires coaching and providing workshops and training to build the capacity of individuals to cultivate successful, sustainable careers, and building deep relationships with creatives and cultural organizations in community.

Reach out to your City Council representatives today.

Julie Eiselt (Chair, Arts & Culture Subcommittee)

Ed Driggs (Vice Chair, Arts & Culture Subcommittee)

Braxton Winston (Member, Arts & Culture Subcommittee)

Malcolm Graham (Member, Arts & Culture Subcommittee)

Tariq Bokhari (Member, Arts & Culture Subcommittee)

Dimple Ajmera

Larken Egleston

Victoria Watlington

Renee’ Johnson

Matt Newton

Greg Phipps 

Mayor Vi Lyles

Marcus Jones (City Manager)