YDS, Wells and Getting Involved

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Development Wednesday

By Catherine Miller, Senior Development Officer

Last week more than 400 young professionals gathered at the Mint Museum Uptown to learn about how they could get involved in our community. The evening was hosted by Wells Fargo as a part of their Community Giving Campaign and featured the young professional groups of United Way and ASC.

Wells Fargo team members, along with their invited guests, eagerly enjoyed the gallery spaces of the wonderful Mint Museum as well as time for networking and catching up with colleagues. YDS Chair, Michael Overcash, who is also a Wells Fargo employee, spoke to the crowd about the benefits of YDS, and how a gift of $20 per pay period can make a huge difference in our community.

What struck me about this event was not the huge number of attendees, but rather how enthusiastic these individuals were about finding ways to get connected with our community and each other. Many people stopped by the YDS booth at the event and told volunteers how they have been looking for opportunities like this and were thrilled to learn that it was so easy to get involved.

Last year, YDS members collectively contributed more than $500,000 to ASC’s Annual Fund Drive. We have 620 members and are growing daily. It thrills me to know that as much as YDS has grown into a thriving group of engaged young adults, there are many more people who are standing on the sidelines ready to jump in to make a difference in not only our cultural sector, but throughout the community at large.

For more information on YDS, contact yds@artsandscience.org