YDS Tours Packard Place, Art Collection

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By Tori Chester

Early last month, ASC’s Young Donor Society held its monthly event at Charlotte’s new entrepreneurial incubator, Packard Place. In addition to serving as an office space for start-ups and non-profits, the building boasts an impressive collection of artwork, done mostly by local artists. This particular wave of artwork had been on display for around six months. Over the course of the evening, YDS members were invited to enjoy the artwork on its final night in the gallery. YDS members had the opportunity to not only view the artwork on display, but meet many of the artists as well.

“The gallery supports Packard Place’s core values, which are innovation, entrepreneurship, and community,” said Carmella Jarvi, a painter and curator of the Gallery at Packard Place.

With Jarvi as a guide, YDS members had the opportunity to take a tour through the building. They were also encouraged to participate in a scavenger hunt based on the artwork. Together with the artists, they searched among the paintings to find what was detailed on the lists. The added mystery of the scavenger hunt in the gallery gave the evening a whimsical air.

“I think that [what is] very special about Charlotte is that we have this creative industry,” Jarvi said. “We have what a lot of cities don’t have.”

The visiting artists were each given a chance to talk about their inspiration and finished products. As the event drew to a close, some YDS members watched as several artists removed their pieces. Due to wall renovations, a new wave of art will be on display in September.

Carmella Jarvi, curator of The Gallery at Packard Place

“Tons of people who work there are saying, ‘Oh, I miss the art!” Jarvi said. “People don’t often realize how much [art] does impact the [business] environment.”

“Innovative business has an element of creativity to it,” Jarvi said. “Artists are naturally entrepreneurs, but because we’re often a team of one, we lack… the understanding of basic business skills. [Business and art] really fit together.” 

Special thanks to our friends at Morton’s The Steakhouse for providing the evening’s hors d’oeuvres.