Welcome to A Vibrant Cultural Life!

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Welcome to the Arts & Science Council’s new blog, A Vibrant Cultural Life! As the community’s chief advocate for arts, science, history and heritage it’s our goal to shape a vibrant cultural life for all in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. With this blog you’ll be able to find out the many ways ASC is working to acheive that goal.

From providing operating support to many of the community’s favorite cultural institutions to helping local artists, educators, scientists and historians fund projects that add to the vibrancy of the community, ASC is here to make this a better place to to live.

This blog will serve as a platform for ASC to showcase videos, photos, stories and testimonials about the work the organization is doing in the community. In the days, weeks and months that follow we look forward to telling you all about the great things ASC is working on. Welcome!