Vote “For” Sales Use Tax on Nov. 4

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By Bernie Petit
Communications Manager

vote buttonTuesday, Nov. 4, is Election Day.

That means it’s your opportunity to exercise your right and stand up FOR teachers, arts and culture, libraries, and job-creation by voting FOR the Mecklenburg County Sales Use Tax referendum.

The quarter-cent sales tax increase, which does not apply to food, gas or medicine, will provide an estimated $35 million per year in additional revenue to support Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, ASC, Central Piedmont Community College and Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.

The referendum, near the end of the ballot, won’t tell you it supports these organizations or how it will benefit you. That’s why we’re letting you know and asking you to vote FOR the referendum.

Mecklenburg County Sales Use Tax

The quarter-cent (1/4 of a penny) sales tax increase will support the following organizations with its estimated $35 million per year in additional revenue:

80 percent to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools to keep and recruit great teachers and staff for our children

7.5 percent to Central Piedmont Community College to hire and retain the best faculty and staff for students

7.5 percent to the Arts & Science Council to strengthen arts, science and history programs and organizations

5 percent to Charlotte Mecklenburg Library to provide 21st century library services

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A Small Step Together Will Be a Large Step for Mecklenburg

Why is it that all of us in Mecklenburg County should support a 1/4 penny increase in the county sales tax?  EDUCATION.  The money raised from that 1/4th of one percent increase in sales tax–from visitors, business travelers, and us–is all to be used for education of our children: Teachers’ pay, CPCC, our library system, and the arts and science education experience for all children, all schools, in Mecklenburg County.  Specifically, 80% of the revenue created will be used to enhance teachers’ compensation.  North Carolina is running for last in the country in teachers’ pay.  We do not need to run in that race. Our children and grandchildren deserve the better chance for success that they receive with better paid teachers.

20% of the revenue is allocated among– (1) Central Piedmont Community College, an educational oasis for many of our children from teens to tweens to older citizens to prepare for college and jobs and to improve their skills.  (2)  Our countywide library system which provides all of us with an extension of education and enjoyment for children and adults from “Goodnight Moon” through homework help to computer science.  (3)  The Arts & Science Council and its cultural education field trips to excite the souls of children from all our schools–public, private and charter; which have been forced to be diminished because of lack of funding.

Mecklenburg citizens have been proud of the education we provide.  Let’s stimulate our efforts again with help from those who come to our county from afar.  And remember, the 1/4th of one percent addition to sales tax does not apply to food purchases.

Let’s say “Yes” to a leap forward in Education.

By Arts & Science Council Past Board Chairs

Jennifer O. Appleby
Mary Lou Babb
Amy R. Blumenthal
Robert F. Colwell
Robert Culbertson
Larry Dagenhart
Curt W. Fochtmann
Deborah Harris
Linda Lockman-Brooks
Marc E. Manly
Karl W. Newlin
Nancy K. Ostrowski
Cyndee G. Patterson
G. Patrick Phillips
Clyda S. Rent, Ph.D.
Patrick C. Riley
Ruth G. Shaw
Marcia W. Simon
Donald K. Truslow
John R. Wester

Candidates Share Their Views on the Cultural Sector

In advance of the 2014 election, ASC asked candidates to complete questionnaires to learn about how they view the cultural sector. You can read their responses below:

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When and Where to Vote

For a list of voting locations, click here.