Visual Art for the Visually Impaired

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Last month, ASC oversaw the installation of Po Shu Wang and Louise Bertelsen’s artwork Sight Unseen at Midtown Park on the Little Sugar Creek Greenway.

Normally, visual art is by definition not accessible to the sight-impaired. For this project, the artists began by ‘envisioning’ through the ears and hands of a sight-impaired person. Noticing the similarity between the embossed dots of Braille signage and those embossed on a music box cylinder, they created a union of these two seemingly unrelated items in their artwork. The works feature a modified music box which plays Braille letters placed on a music staff to create notes. When the music box within the art is moved, visitors experience unique music.

Meet Po Shu and Louise and find out about the artwork here:


The artists, who together make up Living Lenses, were selected by the Public Art Commission. The artwork was paid for by Mecklenburg County’s 1% for art ordinance.