The Way WeWork at ASC

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Why This Matters: ASC has temporarily moved into the WeWork 128 South Tryon Street office space until its new space at Packard Place is ready in 2020.
The common area at the WeWork 128 South Tryon Street location.
The common area at the WeWork 128 South Tryon Street location.
By Antwane Folk
Education Program Assistant

Packing up an entire office in the fall and relocating to a new workspace can be challenging — from finding alternative travel routes to avoiding contact with sneezing co-workers during the germiest of seasons.

But for me and my teammates at ASC, settling cozily into our temporary WeWork office space has been quite the opposite.

What makes WeWork unique is that no one is limited to just their assigned office. You have the option to choose a comfortable workspace that lends to your productivity.

Antwane Folk.
Antwane Folk.

Rather than coming to the office each day and sticking to one cubicle, you’re able to swipe your black card to your choice of floor destinations that look like they’re out of a wicked MTV’s “The Real World” house.

If setting up your daily workstation at a bar-height desk is your thing, WeWork has you covered. Feel more inspired to zone out on assignments while stretched out with your laptop on a comfy couch, there’s a few floors for that. Just pick a couch, any couch.

The little things in life matter most, especially when it involves making it to work on time.

The minutes get shorter when you’re standing in a roller-coaster wait line for a cup of coffee. You’d be on time if the person ahead didn’t have a complicated order.

But WeWork understands the power of daily caffeine intake and is committed to members getting their coffee fix. They don’t leave out the tea lovers, either, and there’s honey too! (Screams on the inside.)

If you’re anything like me, the life of an introvert can be exhausting – especially when your inner self wants to be a social butterfly.

WeWork encourages members who may be hermits to break out their shells and enjoy the beach sand with less crabby members. From lunch and learns to cupcake decorating, a variety of unique community events invite members to be part of a world that fosters new motivation and fresh ideas.

In short, every member will have a different experience from working at WeWork.

Whether it’s a temporary or permanent residency, it’s all about how you embrace your change in workspace and make it worthwhile for not only your organization, but for yourself.