The Power of A Challenge

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By Laura Sharpe, Associate Director, Community Giving

Sandra and Leon Levine know the power of a challenge.  Their philanthropy is not a one-time gift, but rather a gift that keeps on giving, by inspiring and challenging others to donate.  The Leon Levine Foundation’s Cultural Education Challenge for individual projects on, ASC’s on-line fundraising site, did just that.

Sandra and Leon Levine – photo courtesy of The Leon Levine Foundation

The $150,000 challenge inspired 590 individual donations to 89 individual projects.  More than 30 organizations benefited from the Levine’s generosity.  Community School of the Arts is able to provide 1600 music lessons to under privileged youth; English as a second language students at three more  high schools are learning English and photography through The Light Factory’s My Family, Our Stories; and  Opera Carolina’s Opera Express preformed 10 times in Project L.I.F.T. and Title 1 Schools because of the Levines and donors that answered the challenge.

The benefits gained were more than simply funding for the projects they posted but also the introduction of potential new donors to their organizations.  Of the donations received through the site an average of 46.81% were from donors who had never supported the organization previously.

On behalf of all of the organizations and Charlotte-Mecklenburg students, many thanks to The Leon Levine Foundation and everyone who rose to the Challenge.