The Many Ways Charlotte Businesses Can Get Involved

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Development Wednesday

By Julie Conigliaro, Senior Development Officer

As ASC expands its reach in the community through initiatives like cultural education and, businesses across the community have so many more opportunities to get involved.

Cultural Education Fund

We received an overwhelming response last year from businesses and corporations that gave to ASC’s Cultural Education Fund. We raised more than $1MM – that money is currently being invested in CMS to bring cultural field trips back to students and provide professional development opportunities for teachers, among other things.

As we continue our quest to raise dollars for the Cultural Education Fund this year, we will allow more companies the opportunity to give directly to this fund which will further expand the quality cultural experiences to CMS students and teachers. Talk about impact!

power2give is ASC’s newest and most innovative way companies across our region can get involved. The website allows anyone to donate to a specific arts, science, history or heritage project. But how can businesses become involved? Here’s one way: ASC allows companies to give matching grants that will double any gift made on the site.

The other way is through purchasing gift cards and giving them to employees for recognition. Sometimes, a $50 gift card to a restaurant can get a little monotonous. Why not encourage philanthropy during the giving season? It’s also a great gift idea for clients. I know I’d much rather receive a gift card to put toward something meaningful than one of those big tins of 3 different types of popcorn.

Annual Fund Drive

The Annual Fund Drive still remains the largest vehicle through which corporations give to ASC. When leaders pair their corporate gift with a workplace giving campaign, it is most impactful and sends a message that the company truly cares about the community it calls home.

As the community becomes more sophisticated in its philanthropy, it is ASC’s responsibility to adjust and offer innovative and meaningful ways businesses across our region can truly make their mark on Charlotte, and I’m proud to be part of an organization that is open to moving with the changing tides.