Ten Things to Know About the 2014 ASC Annual Fund Drive

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By Bernie Petit
Communications Manager 


The Arts & Science Council (ASC) kicked off its 2014 Annual Fund Drive on Jan. 27. Here’s what you should know about the campaign, which runs through April 30.

  1. This year’s campaign goal is $6.9 million, which is what is needed to help sustain the cultural sector – including the operations of more than 20 organizations – in the 2014-15 fiscal year.
  2. This year’s fund goal only reflects unrestricted giving – those gifts from individuals, corporations and foundations to support the cultural sector broadly.
  3. ASC still welcomes restricted, one-time or project-related gifts. However, those gifts are not reflected in this year’s campaign goal.
  4. The campaign theme is “ASC is You & Me,” which speaks to how everyone – whether you are a patron, student, employee, artist or visitor to Charlotte-Mecklenburg – is impacted by the organizations and programs that ASC dollars support.
  5. In planning the 2014 campaign, ASC looked back at what is likely the most popular fund drive theme in its history – ASC is Good for Me! – and asked its friends at Wray Ward to modernize the theme for the 21st century.
  6. Eighty-five cents of every dollar raised during the campaign directly supports the cultural sector, including funding of arts, science and history organizations, individual artists, and education and community programs.
  7. ASC is a funding source, but what it funds is your passion – visual and performing arts, science, history and heritage programming, festivals, and cultural education opportunities for students.
  8. This is ASC’s 56th annual community appeal for funding that supports arts and cultural experiences that enhance the quality of life for residents across Mecklenburg County.
  9. While the 2013 fund drive raised $9 million on an $8.2 million goal, this year’s goal is considered more ambitious. This year’s $6.9 million goal only includes unrestricted giving, while last year’s goal included an unrestricted giving goal of $6.1 million and a restricted giving goal of $2.1 million.
  10. Keeping our region fun, alive and vibrant takes money from everyone who loves this community and understands how transformative arts and culture can be. To make a gift to the Arts & Science Council, visit ArtsandScience.org or call 704-333-2272.