Connect with Arts and Culture for Free

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ASC’s fifth annual Connect with Culture Days brings nearly 80 cultural experiences to neighborhoods throughout Charlotte-Mecklenburg over two days     CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Jan. 2, 2019) – Charlotte-Mecklenburg residents and visitors can attend museums and enjoy diverse arts, science, history and heritage experiences for free with the return of ASC’s annual Connect with Culture Days. …

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How Science Inspires Art Created by These Charlotte-Area Artists

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Why This Matters: Both art and science seek to examine the world in order to explain how what we see and experience every day fits together. This connection provides Charlotte-area artists with inspiration for their work. By Bernie Petit Communications Manager Before she ever puts watercolor or pencil to paper, Charlotte-based nature artist and illustrator Leigh Anne Carter examines …

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It’s Speed Dating Time Again!

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We know what you’re thinking, “Speed Dating? ASC?” Well, every year our Cultural Leadership Training Program (a program to train 30 community members interested in board leadership) comes together with cultural organizations in Charlotte-Mecklenburg to “Speed Date” and identify good board matches. The format, not unlike the “Speed Dating” you’re probably familiar with, has class …

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Meteorite, Asteroid, Russia and the Big Difference

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A meteor explodes through the atmosphere and hits the ground, injuring hundreds in Russia. An asteroid, half the size of a football field will come very close to the Earth today as it passes on its orbit. As I listened to these stories this morning, besides the general feeling of doom (don’t worry, NASA promises …

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