Every Bird Deserves a Worm

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Wing Haven, located in the historic Myers Park neighborhood, is home to an array of small animals including rabbits and chipmunks.  However, some of the most prominent residents are birds of North Carolina. Birds, just like humans, need to eat a balanced diet to stay healthy.  During the summer months, Finches, Cardinals, Wrens, Woodpeckers, Nuthatches, …

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power2give Project: McColl Center Artist Helps Control Invasive Plants at Freedom Park

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By Jennifer Gilewski power2give.org recently helped McColl Center for Visual Art raise money for its Environmental Artist-in-Residence (EAIR) program. The $1,000 raised through the site helped McColl Center purchase supplies needed for its one of their current artists-in-residence, Bev Nagy, to create an installation that monitors and measures various non-toxic ways to stop the growth …

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