Finding Her Voice in Film – Melissa Salpietra, 2017 ASC Creative Renewal Fellowship

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2017 ASC Creative Renewal Fellowship recipient Melissa Salpietra.
By Michael Solender Melissa Salpietra is a creative problem solver. The freelance video editor, animator and producer of science-based documentary films approaches her work as a storyteller in ways not dissimilar from how one assembles a complex puzzle. Carefully integrating imagery, text, dialog and soundtrack, Salpietra crafts storylines in her films to inform, educate and …

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Replacing fear with understanding – Beverly Penninger, 2016 ASC Honors,

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Why this matters: ASC recognizes that creative individuals and teachers enrich the cultural lives of everyone in our region and beyond through their work. By Michael Solender Telling others’ stories is a privilege documentary filmmaker Beverley Penninger undertakes with the utmost respect and sense of responsibility. “I never start a project with any preconceived ideas,” …

Read More empowers The Light Factory to maintain “My Family, Our Stories”

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By Dee Grano, Director of Marketing, The Light Factory Thanks to the e-generosity of donors, The Light Factory will bring the power of image to English as Second Language Students at two more Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools through “My Family, Our Stories” for the 2012/2013 year.  Funding cuts threatened to limit the impact of the …

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Charlotte Jewish Film Festival Returns

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By Shari Baum, Charlotte Jewish Film Festival “Charlotte’s got a lot.” From blown glass sculptures at The Mint Museum to intensive kayaking at the U.S. National Whitewater Center and being the number two banking capital in the nation, the City of Charlotte caters to the intellectual, the outdoors(wo)man and the entrepreneur. In fact, there is …

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