Support CMS Teachers Through DonorsChoose

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ASC believes education and participation in arts, science and history is vital to the development of our children and communities.  That is why ASC is partnering with to support projects in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools with a $25,000 matching grant for arts, science and history projects posted by CMS teachers.

Thank you cards from CMS students following ASC’s 2011 matching gift. allows teachers from all around the United States to post projects requesting materials they need to improve student experiences in their classrooms. Projects range from art supplies, books and field trips to even computers. Donors browse projects online and give to ones that inspire them most.  When the project request reaches its goal, the requested materials, supplies, equipment, et cetera, are delivered to the school.

The site links donors with individual classrooms, teachers, and projects so that donors know exactly whom they are helping. Whether an individual gives $5 or $500, they will receive photos and a thank you letter from the teacher and students showing how their donation impacted students. calls this “citizen philanthropy.”

First Lady Michelle Obama recently spoke about saying, “It is a very easy way to give back to public schools. This is exactly the type of social innovation we should be encouraging across the country. Do not underestimate the power each of us has to change the world for someone.” is a simple, personal way to address educational inequity in Charlotte. There are currently hundreds of projects on for the schools in CMS, many of which will impact students in high poverty schools. If you want to make an impact locally, please CLICK HERE to take advantage of the match and support projects in CMS.