Speaking the Language

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Development Wednesday

By Kate Newton, Workplace Campaign Associate

As a recent business school graduate, I know what it’s like to learn another language.  With words and phrases like linear regression, aggregate supply and dividend, this art history major was out of her element and looking for the nearest exit.  Was it English? Yes, but it might as well have been Greek to me.

Little did I know an opportunity to intern with ASC would soon have me speaking a whole new language.  From IHCs to PMOLs and YDS, I was lost in a land of acronyms and non-profit buzzwords feeling like I wasn’t speaking the language.

After a few months of a little panic and a lot of Google, I slowly came to realize what made this language different.  Despite the fact that I had acquired a hefty Post-It note “cheat sheet” of vocabulary words, at their core, they really all meant the same thing: opportunity.  Every day we speak this unique non-profit language made up of so many words used to describe the opportunities that we are creating for this community to grow, learn and thrive with the art and culture that surrounds us.

With donors, volunteers, and leaders all speaking this language of opportunity, I have witnessed firsthand how we all work together to foster this strong sense of culture in Charlotte-Mecklenburg and that’s something that you don’t need a Rosetta Stone language kit to understand.