Explore Public Art

Put on Your Walking Shoes and Get Started exploring with our Walking Tour Brochure, Walking Tour Podcast or Scavenger Hunt!

Walking Tour Brochure

  • Download the Public Art Walking Tour brochure. Please note: this file is large and may take a few minutes to display.
  • Instructions for printing specific areas of the brochure:
    1. Tools (located on the menu bar)
    2. Select “Select & Zoom”
    3. When the side menu comes up, select “Snapshot Tool”
    4. With your mouse, click and drag the Snapshot Tool to highlight an area you’d like to print.
    5. Click “OK” when a window pops-up that states, “The selected area has been copied”.
    6. Click print and make sure the “Print Range” area in your printer dialogue box has “Selected graphic” chosen.
    7. Click “OK” to print.

Walking Tour Podcast

  • Take a guided tour of public art in uptown Charlotte with our Public Art Walking Tour Podcast. The tour takes approximately 45 minutes.