ASC Logo Guidelines

ASC is proud to be a donor organizations, creative individuals and community-wide initiatives that ensure Culture For All. Therefore, we require our grant recipients and partners to recognize ASC as a donor by using ASC’s logo and brand tagline, in marketing and communication materials as it relates to their organization or project.

FY17 ASC Marketing Communication Guidelines


To increase ASC’s brand awareness, we require that ASC’s logo appear with the brand tagline.  The integrity of ASC’s logo and brand tagline must be maintained at all times.

ASC’s logo and brand tagline must not appear smaller than 5/8″ of an inch wide by 5/8″ of an inch tall. The brand tagline must be legible.  There is no limit on how large ASC’s logo and brand tagline appear.

The four primary colors of ASC’s logo are CMYK as noted below:

Red: C-0 / M-100 / Y-100 / K-23
Blue: C-52 / M-23 / Y-0 / K-0
Green: C-31 / M-11 / Y-100 / K-0
Yellow: C-0 / M-38 / Y-100 /K-0

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