Random Act of Culture Field Report

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Originally published at KnightArts.org

February was a busy month for the Arts & Science Council (ASC) as we kicked off our 2011 Annual Fund Drive and brightened up Charlotte with two more Random Acts of Culture (RAC).

Opera Carolina was in top form on Saturday, February 12 as they wowed the crowds at the Belk department store at Southpark Mall.

Shortly after noon, the singers got into place throughout the second and third levels of the store. With the flip of a switch the music was piped through the cosmetics area and a singer emerged from the crowds and began her aria.

Shoppers stopped, stared, laughed and looked puzzled as they were entertained and dazzled by the striking performance. When one singer finished another emerged to take his or her place from various parts of the cosmetics area. After each of the five performances dozens of people came up to the singers and thanked them, shook their hands – one was even in tears.

This marked the second Random Act of Culture at the highly trafficked flagship Belk store – and as with the first time, was a rousing success.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtSGoC_ah_8&w=640&h=390]

On February 24, ASC followed up the Belk and Opera Carolina Random Act of Culture with one featuring North Carolina Dance Theatre at Wachovia/Wells Fargo’s 2.1 million square foot Customer Information Center.

Two dancers dressed as employees of the CIC stopped in passageways and the cafeteria to delight workers with a contemporary ballet. The dance was met with applause and a few questioning looks. It undoubtedly though brought a little unexpected culture into an ordinary day.

As always ASC has exciting RACs coming down the pipeline and we look forward to telling you about them next month!