Public Artwork ‘SKYLINE’ Creates Immersive Experience in Charlotte

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"SKYLINE" by Susan Narduli.
“SKYLINE” by Susan Narduli.
By Bernie Petit
Director of Public Relations & Marketing 

The ever-changing rhythms of the Queen City are reimagined as an immersive experience of abstract animations in Charlotte’s newest public artwork.

“SKYLINE,” a site-specific artwork integrated into the Charlotte Convention Center overstreet pedestrian walkway, was unveiled in October as part of the convention center’s expansion opening celebration.

Created by Los Angeles-based artist Susan Narduli, the artwork features programmable light systems located within the shell of the floating overstreet pedestrian walkway at the center of the bridge to create an immersive light experience to viewers and visitors.

Approximately 1,000,000 pixels line the two walls and ceiling of the viewing platform at the center of the bridge.

“‘SKYLINE’ evokes the breath of the city through a welcoming and slowly transforming space,” Narduli said in her artist statement. “As data informs the rhythms and colors of the artwork, subtle palette shifts and pacing reveal real-time factors… ‘SKYLINE’ functions as a timekeeper for the city, reinforcing the significance of the Convention Center and the pedestrian bridge as a public stage and visual gateway to Charlotte’s Center City.”

A view of the public artwork "SKYLINE" by Susan Narduli.
A view of the public artwork “SKYLINE” by Susan Narduli.

A custom AI server manages the artwork’s visual themes: Fabric of the Sky, Wind, City Lights, Night Sky and Hyper Objects.

The artwork includes two unique experiences:

  • Dynamic Playback: Everchanging show of library content reshuffled and reorganized daily
  • Curated Night Shows: A curated 10-minute show plays every hour from 7-10 p.m.

The public art – which can be viewed from Stonewall Street, passing trains, neighboring buildings and the bridge – juxtaposes urban imagery and dynamic content to create a visual narrative of the city.

“The strength of this artwork is its ability to take the familiar and represent it in a new, thought-provoking manner,” said ASC Vice-President of Public Art Todd Stewart said. “Narduli Studio captured the pulse of our city and created a unique, captivating experience with it.”

The public artwork is funded through the city of Charlotte’s 1 percent for the Arts Ordinance. ASC administers the public art program for the city of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. Artist selection and designs are approved by the appointed Public Art Commission.