Baby Artsplay!™ Residencies & Family-Based Classes

North Carolina Wolf Trap offers children from birth to 3 years, along with their parents and caregivers, the opportunity to experience a Baby Artsplay!™ residency program in their community.

Baby Artsplay!™ classes demonstrate the important connection between the performing arts and infant/toddler development. The seven week residency program is taught by a North Carolina Wolf Trap teaching artist and enhances the learning and development of children through movement, drama and music.

Goals of Baby Artsplay!™

  • To stimulate vocalization and language
  • To improve focus and self-regulation
  • To build social and emotional skills
  • Tap into children’s innate sense of curiosity and desire to connect to the world around them

Through family events, parents/caregivers will learn strategies for incorporating singing, dancing, drama, and other multi-sensory activities into their child’s daily routine to increase engagement and improve learning.

For more information or to schedule a Baby Artsplay!™ program, contact Kathryn Bentley at or call 704-335-3047.