McColl Award


The purpose of the McColl Award is to invest in the creation of an original work. Through this award, the Arts & Science Council seeks to:

  • Commission new creative works (see examples of eligible projects below).
  • Inspire creative thinking in the presentation of creative product. Areas could include a unique approach to presenting programming or scientific/historical research projects resulting in exhibitions and/or publications.
  • Increase awareness, recognize excellence and build a greater appreciation for the creative process among the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community.

Grant Amount

$25,000 will be awarded to one (1) project.

Match Requirement

While there is no match requirement, if the project budget exceeds The McColl Award request amount, applicants must specify the dollar amount and the source(s) of the match.

Support Period

This opportunity is currently closed.

Who is Eligible

The following are eligible to apply:

  • An individual or an unincorporated group of individuals who:
    • Are professional artist(s); scientist(s); historian(s)
    • Have resided in Mecklenburg County for at least the past 12 months;
    • Are not enrolled as a student in higher education;
    • Do not serve on the staff or board of directors of any organizational partner of the project.
  • Organizations which:
    • Have 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt status;
    • Are based in Mecklenburg County;
    • Have a primary mission of arts, science, or history/heritage;
    • Have a proven capacity to complete a new work;
    • Are not a School, College or University.

What is Eligible

Eligible projects must include:

  • The creation of an original work (performance or exhibition based).
  • A public exhibition or presentation of the new work.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to develop:

  • A collaborative, cross-disciplinary project.
  • Authentic working partnerships among creative individuals, cultural organizations and partners in the broader community.
  • An educational or outreach component. Examples could include public master classes with a creative individual or an exhibition in a workplace setting or for a school-based population; creative individual residencies; or neighborhood workshops.
  • Plans for documentation, evaluation, and dissemination, as appropriate, of the project.

What is NOT Eligible

ASC will not entertain requests for the following:

  • Ongoing programs and expenses
  • Capital improvements
  • Debt reduction
  • Events or projects that have already taken place or completed (no retroactive funding)
  • Individuals or organizations who have received the McColl Award in the past ten years.

Click here for a list of eligible program suggestions and past McColl Award recipients.

How to Apply

Applications are not currently being accepted.

Additional Information

If you have questions, please contact Holly Whisman, VP, Grants and Services, at 704-335-3036.

Download McColl Award Guidelines & FAQs