Public Art

Landmark moments shape our lives. Landmark art shapes our city. Charlotte is rich in diversity, but it is through public art programs that Charlotte becomes established in its identity. Public art is our opportunity to write many narratives into one overarching story of this place we call home.

Since 1993, ASC has managed the public art programs for the city and county. The Public Art Commission is responsible for the community-based artist selection and design review process for each public artwork. The commission is an appointed board of volunteer citizens from the arts, education and business sectors.

In 2003, Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners and the Charlotte City Council adopted ordinances that appropriate 1 percent of eligible capital improvement project funds for public art. The ordinance helps ensure that artworks enhance our public spaces and become an integral part of urban and economic development efforts.


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In-Progress Projects

Steven’s Creek Nature Preserve

Artist: Stacy Levy

Anticipated Install: April, 2019

Charlotte-Douglas International Airport Terminal E

Artist: Christian Moeller

Anticipated Install: January, 2019

Prosperity Village

Artist: Robert Tully

Anticipated Install: December, 2020

Second Ward Gym

Artist: Tommie Robinson

Anticipated Install: June, 2018

Waymer Gym

Artist: Tejuola Turner

Anticipated Install: September, 2018

City of Charlotte CMPD Central Police Station

Artist: Freyja Bardell and Brian Howe

Anticipated Install: December, 2019

Charlotte Douglas International Airport Concourse A & B Mural Program

Artist: Various Artists

Anticipated Install: February, 2019

First Ward Park

Artist: Daily tous les jours

Anticipated Install: May, 2017

10th Street Tiny Park

Artist: David Wilson and Stacy Utley

Anticipated Install: January, 2018

Valerie C. Woodard Center

Artist: Marc Fornes

Anticipated Install: November, 2018

Mecklenburg County EMS Agency (MEDIC)

Artist: Vicki Scuri

Anticipated Install: February, 2018

Shamrock Drive Corridor

Artist: Carrie Gault

Anticipated Install: April, 2020

Latta Plantation and Nature Preserve

Artist: Buster Simpson

Anticipated Install: January, 2018

City of Charlotte Joint Communication Center

Artist: Blessing Hancock

Anticipated Install: April, 2018

25th Street Bridge

Artist: Laurie Lundquist

Anticipated Install: August, 2018

Berryhill Roundabout

Artist: David Douwe

Anticipated Install: November, 2018

North Tryon Business Corridor

Artist: Wowhaus

Anticipated Install: August, 2019

Selected Completed Projects