Public Art

Landmark moments shape our lives. Landmark art shapes our city. Charlotte is rich in diversity, but it is through public art programs that Charlotte becomes established in its identity. Public art is our opportunity to write many narratives into one overarching story of this place we call home.

Since 1993, ASC has managed the public art programs for the city and county. The Public Art Commission is responsible for the community-based artist selection and design review process for each public artwork. The commission is an appointed board of volunteer citizens from the arts, education and business sectors.

In 2003, Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners and the Charlotte City Council adopted ordinances that appropriate 1 percent of eligible capital improvement project funds for public art. The ordinance helps ensure that artworks enhance our public spaces and become an integral part of urban and economic development efforts.


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Help Bring Public Artwork to Light

Artist Danielle Roney’s monumental gateway sculptures, “Meridian: East and West,” will be suspended in fall 2021 and early 2023 the pre-security area of the Departures/Ticketing lobby as part of Charlotte Douglas International Airport’s Terminal Lobby Expansion.

Roney is asking Charlotte-Mecklenburg residents to take a short survey or record their story so that she can map their personal geographic histories across the public artwork’s LED surface. Resident responses will impact the dynamic movement of the artwork’s integrated lighting.

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In-Progress Projects

Selected Completed Projects


Artist: Paula Smith

Completed: April, 2016

CMPD Hickory Grove

Artist: Roberto Delgado and Rude Calderon

Completed: July, 2020

North County Regional Library

Artist: Martha Clippinger

Completed: August, 2019

Grove Park

Artist: Dana Gingras

Completed: September, 2015

Second Ward High School Gym

Artist: Tommie Robinson

Completed: January, 2019

CMPD Westover

Artist: Michael Morgan

Completed: September, 2015

South County Regional Library

Artist: Jim Gallucci

Completed: October, 2020

Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Artist: Hoss Haley

Completed: June, 2016

Waymer Gym

"Community" by Michele Turner.

Artist: Michelle Turner

Completed: March, 2020

CMPD Steele Creek

Artist: Billy Lee

Completed: June, 2012

Bojangles Coliseum

Artist: Blane De St. Croix

Completed: September, 2020

Charlotte Douglas International Airport

"Ascendus" was dedicated in the 2010s in memory of former Charlotte Mayor Pro Tem Susan Burgess.

Artist: Ed Carpenter

Completed: August, 2012

Charlotte Fire Department #43

Artist: Yuri Tsuzuki

Completed: July, 2020

Beatties Ford Library

Artist: Maja Godlewska

Completed: April, 2011

Charlotte Douglas International Airport – Concourse C

Artist: Amy Bagwell

Completed: November, 2020

Fire Station 42

Artist: Zachary Noble

Completed: October, 2011

Charlotte Douglas International Airport – Concourse C

Artist: Ruth Ava Lyons

Completed: November, 2020

Little Sugar Creek Greenway

Artist: Masayuki Nagase

Completed: August, 2010

First Ward Park

Artist: Daily tous les jours

Completed: January, 2021

Matthews Sportsplex

Artist: Shaun Cassidy & Tom Stanley

Completed: June, 2013

Latta Nature Center

Artist: Buster Simpson

Completed: September, 2020

Midtown Park

Artist: Living Lenses – Po Shu Wang and Louise Bertelsen

Completed: April, 2012

Eastway Regional Recreation Center

Artist: RE: site

Completed: January, 2021

CMPD Eastway

Artist: Vivienne McConnell Collins

Completed: April, 2014

American Legion Memorial Stadium

Artist: Simon Donovan and Ben Olmstead

Completed: April, 2021

West Trade St.

Artist: Jack Pentes

Completed: March, 1986

CMPD University

Artist: Beth Nybeck

Completed: May, 2021

Reid Park

Artist: Laurel Holtzapple, Shaun Cassidy and Lauren Doran

Completed: November, 2015

Billingsley Campus

Artist: Jann Rosen-Queralt

Completed: October, 2006


Artist: Amy Bagwell and Graham Carew

Completed: December, 2015

Morrison Regional Library

Artist: Beth Ravitz

Completed: November, 2017

Mecklenburg County Double Oaks Family Aquatic Center

Artist: Marc Moulton

Completed: May, 2017

Romare Bearden Park

Spiral Odyssey.

Artist: Richard Hunt

Completed: May, 2017