Craft + Creatives

Craft + Creatives is a new partnership between ASC and Birdsong Brewing Co. to help create awareness of and support for local creative individuals, the lifeblood of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg cultural sector. The program sought design submissions from local creatives to re-envision the label for Birdsong’s wildly popular Paradise City IPA. The winning design by Charlotte artist John Burgin will be featured on 3,000 cans of Paradise City IPA available exclusively through this pre-sale and available for pickup on October 21, 2021. Remaining cans will be available for purchase at Birdsong Brewing.

“A great day in a great city with a great IPA” was the inspiration for Charlotte artist John Burgin’s winning artwork.

Order your 4-pack of limited-edition cans of Paradise City IPA today for $25 each (plus tax and fees) and get access to the Craft + Creatives Pick-up Event on October 21, 2021, and get a special meet-and-greet with John Burgin to learn more about his art and the inspiration behind his stunning design.

$15 of each purchase is tax-deductible and will support ASC’s grant investments in local creatives. Learn more about ASC’s grants for creatives.