power2give Helps Out On The Farm

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By Jennifer Gilewski

The Arts & Science Council’s newest project, power2give.org, is making waves in the world of fundraising.  So far, the project has funded 50 projects, raising more than $190,000.

Rural Hill, located in Huntersville, recently raised $5,500 through power2give to purchase a new baler.  The 250-year-old working farm posted the project on the site, and through the help of generous donors, reached that goal and are now the proud owners of a new baler.

“The new baler has been great and is a huge improvement over what we had. We have about 100 acres cultivated in hay here at Rural Hill and the new baler saves our farm manager time by being able to bale the hay faster,” said Executive Director Jeff Fissel.  “It creates a higher quality, more consistent bale so we lose less hay when stacking and can fit more into less space for storage.”

To see pictures of the new baler or to learn more about Historic Rural Hill, visit www.ruralhill.net or visit their Facebook page.