One of Our All-Star Volunteers…

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By Chavon Carroll, Donor Marketing Officer

Every non-profit relies on volunteers to help fulfill their mission but at the Arts & Science Council (ASC), volunteers serve a very special role for us.

We are fortunate enough to have more than 200 organizations run employee campaigns on behalf of ASC to help raise money for our campaign every year. Each of those campaigns has an in-house coordinator (or in some cases several) who help make the process as fun and enjoyable as possible.

We appreciate every single one of them because without their enthusiastic support, we couldn’t possibly garner the community support needed to help us achieve our fundraising goal each and every year.

In short … our volunteers are awesome!

One prime example is Lori Garlitos with the City of Charlotte. Lori (along with her trusty co-coordinator, Kyle Hall) who runs the Engineering & Property Management division’s campaign. Even though it’s just her first year ever coordinating the campaign, she has done an amazing job.

Not only has she taken it upon herself to schedule mini kick-offs at each and every division within her department and do raffles at every single one, she also coordinated a massive city-wide fundraiser on behalf of ASC.

While most folks coordinate bake sales or chili kick-offs, Lori went out and coordinated an “Entertainment Extravaganza” that will take place at the Saloon at the NC Music Factory tonight– Thursday, Feb. 23 to benefit ASC.  She not only got the space donated for free, but she also got two bands and a comedian to provide free entertainment as well. With a $5 entry fee that will go directly to ASC, we’re all hoping for a great turnout.

The generosity (both in time and in their dollars) that our volunteers give to ASC absolutely astounds me.

So, to Lori and all the other all-star In-House Coordinators out there, all I can say is a hearty and warm – THANK YOU!