OK Go Check Out This Video

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By Heather Pontonio, Associate Vice President, Grants

If you are like many Americans, last weekend’s Super Bowl is watched for the commercials as much as it was the game (Go Giants!).  While everyone has their favorite commercial, the one that stuck out to me was the one for Chevy Sonic.  There’s about 3 seconds in the commercial that states “Sonic’s First Music Video”.  Which got me wondering if there was more.

You may remember OK Go from their music video a few years ago on treadmills for “Here It Goes Again”.  Everyone of their videos (most of them paid for by a perfectly linked corporate sponsor) is innovative and often links science and art. Check out more of their videos here.

Totally cool.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MejbOFk7H6c]