Meet ASC Camp Director Crystal Lail

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By Emily Rapport
Education Intern

Camp Director Crystal Lail would have graduated college with a degree in business had herCrystal roommate not needed a tutor. Lail had a knack for helping her roommate learn the material. “I was really good at helping people understand things in different ways,” she says. Lail switched her major to elementary education.

Now a veteran teacher and professional development leader, Lail is excited to step into her role as Camp Director for the Arts & Science Council’s Digital and Media Literacy Summer Camp. Lail will work with the camp’s master-level teachers to ensure that their unit plans incorporate Common Core standards, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) principles, and the Digital & Media Literacy Essential Competencies.

The camp serves students entering 1st-12th grade and includes three two-week sessions, each with a different theme. Over the course of the summer, campers will tell digital stories about farms and healthy living, create multimedia art about Charlotte’s history and diversity, and build a floating wetland that benefits the environment. Campers may sign up for individual sessions or for all three.

CampStudents spend most of the class day working on units that stretch across the entire two week session. These units, taught by master-level teachers, incorporate field experiences, arts and technology instruction, and service projects. Students also get time for lunch and physical education and an hour to participate in “breakout sessions” of their choice. These arts-infused breakout sessions are designed and led by the camp’s staff based on their own skills and interests. “We have an amazing variety of activities for students to choose from: dance, photography, writing, and more,” says Lail. “Just about any type of activity you could get at a camp that is focused on just one thing, you can do here.”

So why Digital & Media Literacy? “Students are bombarded with media messages every day, and we want to teach our students how to be smart consumers of this information,” says Lail. ASC campers learn how to decode these messages, which prepares them for digital citizenship and modern careers. Campers also learn how to use digital media to tell their own stories.

The camp includes a professional development program for teachers who want to incorporate more digital multimedia in their classrooms. “Our camp provides an opportunity for teachers to be engaged in professional development during the summer and to have a classroom lab where they see theory put into action,” says Lail.

Don’t miss the chance to give your child an educational and empowering summer. For more information and links to registration, click here. Questions? Email Camp Director Crystal Lail at