Make Your Cultural Resolutions for 2018!

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Enhance your life this New Year by connecting with culture. Make monthly resolutions instead of year-long ones and have fun meeting them.


January – Bring your friends and family to ASC’s Connect with Culture Day and enjoy free access to over 50 arts, science, history experiences across Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

February – Make a gift to ASC and help provide grants and services to support arts, science and history organizations and creative individuals.

March – Become a cultural community leader. Apply to ASC’s 2018-19 Cultural Leadership Training program.

April – Register for one of our workshops/trainings, designed to strengthen cultural professionals, volunteers and creative individuals.

May – Advocate for arts and culture to Elected Officials.  Sign-up for Voter Voice and stay connected to the issues.

June – Summer is here! Take your friends on a Public Art Scavenger Hunt and explore diverse artworks in the Center City.

July – Plan your summer cultural experiences. Check out for a full list of events and don’t forget to sign up for CulturePicks! 

August – It’s back to school time! Parents, teachers and students are invited to ASC’s Cultural Education Expo, where you can see up close many of the cultural experiences available to local classrooms.

September – Join us for food, cultural experiences and fun at ASC’s 4th annual Culture Feast, happening Friday, September 7.

October – It’s ASC’s 60th birthday! Celebrate by encouraging friends, neighbors and colleagues to take part in the arts and culture during National Arts and Humanities Month.

November – Start your art collection. Become a shareholder in ASC’s Community Support Art program and receive original works by local artists.

December  Make a gift to your cultural passion(s). From history to performing arts or science to visual art organizations, support the ASC Cultural Partners that have made this year special for you, your family and friends.


Happy New Year!