Kids React to First Two Weeks at Digital and Media Literacy Camp

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This summer, ASC is supporting Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools’ annual Digital and Media Literacy Camp. The camp, now in its third week has, among other things, taught students, ages 5-14, how to use a digital camera, shoot video and edit it. They have gotten to go to the 7th Street Market to meet the vendors and photograph the vendors’ wares, and will, in the coming weeks, take a field trip to Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. Students Cyrah, Jessie, Erica, Trevor, Eric, Kamar, Shemiah, Erika and Gianna talk about their experience so far.

A student photographer at 7th Street Market.

Cyrah R.

This week was an amazing week so far! We are in the process of learning about multimedia art. I feel that multimedia art is a wonderful way to express how you’re feeling. I find it quite cool that you can use technology to make digital forms of art. This week we learned about theme, texture, color, mutual interests, and mutual experiences. We are also working on an ephemera project. Ephemera is a printed material with a short life span. Some examples are ads, flyers, greeting, cards stickers, posters, and more! Ephemera is a unique media for recording daily life.

Jessie S.

This week we are in a progress of a piece of art called ephemera.  Ephemera  is a printed piece of material with a short life time.  We went to a field trip to the 7 street market and took pictures of things in the market. We also went to the UNC Charlotte uptown campus that is where we learned that they had used all steal instead of wood to help the ozone. This was an unbelievable sight when we went to see are pictures at the 7 street market; I want to take my mom to see it.
A student photographer at 7th Street Market.

Erica F.

The past two days with my teacher has been exciting. People would work together and be happy and it was so awesome and cool. The best thing was that we got to make art and give it to charity. My mom and I always give my little clothes to Goodwilll. It was very exciting that I got to experience that.

Trevor H.

My first two days here have been pretty good to me.  I have made a bunch of friends and 2 best friends.  I have great teachers, they are really nice and funny. I really don’t want to have to wake up at 5:30 am every morning but it’s worth it.  I really was not expecting this.  I think I might like this.

Eric A.

These two weeks of camp I met a new friend name Sean and I had fun going to the 7th street market. At the 7th street market we took pictures it was put on YouTube, cool. This camp is so the best in the world.

Shemiah B.

For the last couple of weeks I liked the stuff in summer camp .It was really fun to learn about art. My favorite thing that we did in camp was is going to the 7th street market. When we were there I liked when we talked to the people.

Kamar B.

Two student photographers at 7th Street Market.
For the last two weeks of camp we learned about so many things like how to make a circuit with alluminum foil and tape and we learned how to use IPads and cameras  at 7th street market and we saw so many things; how they got their fish and how the made their pizza.

Erika A.

The first two weeks was a blast. I was shy at first but as the activity got funner I got more into it. We went to awesome field trips. We went to the 7th Street Market and we took pictures also interviews. During the week, the counselors put the pictures on the wall in the market. We went to a garden and we also went to the UNC Charlotte campus building and we saw everything inside. Then after that we went back to the market to see our pictures. The pictures were unbelievable. I want to go here next year! : )

Gianna S.  

My favorite thing that I did during the first two weeks was the breakouts. Learning Audacity was really fun and recording  and listening to ourselves.
And the teacher Ms.Lisa Lashly was even from my school.