On the Local Level

City of Charlotte

FY20 Funding to ASC: $3,190,823


ASC serves as the “Office of Cultural Affairs” for Charlotte-Mecklenburg, with responsibility for community-wide cultural planning, grant making, public art, advocacy, government relations, information collection, research and dissemination, and comprehensive oversight of the cultural system. Our strategic goals celebrate and amplify investment in the cultural sector:

  • Advocate for the regional cultural community to build community engagement in its cultural life;
  • Ensure the financial stability of the cultural sector; and
  • Serve as a resource hub for strategy, standard setting, and capacity building for the cultural community.

Throughout its almost 60-year history, and with support of public and private partnerships, ASC has led the growth of arts and culture in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community, helping our region become a vibrant community that enhances the quality of life for residents, attracts businesses and fuels economic development.

The requested increase reflects the continued growth of the City and demands for cultural programming. Specifically, additional funding would support neighborhood-based project grants that align with the priorities of building community and increasing program relevance and innovation articulated by Charlotte-Mecklenburg residents in the 2014 Cultural Vision Plan, and Cultural Life Task Force recommendations for stabilization of cultural funding during a 10-year transition. Funding would also support investment in local cultural organizations through Technical Assistance Grants that support capacity building opportunities. An increase in funding will help expand access to cultural experiences for all residents and visitors to the Charlotte region.

Mecklenburg County

FY20 Funding to ASC: $2,050,000

FY20 Funding from County is restricted to:

  • $950,000 for Culture Blocks program
  • $350,000 for Studio 345
  • $750,000 for Spirit Square operations



Culture Blocks supports cultural programming close to where people live by utilizing local libraries and recreation centers. Funding from Mecklenburg County allows ASC, in collaboration with Park and Recreation and Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, to remain committed to the current ten geographies and support cultural programming investment in those areas. Additionally, funding would give us the opportunity to add one new geographic area of focus to the Culture Blocks initiative where participation in ASC funded programs is below the county average. County funding would also continue the operations of Spirit Square and Studio 345, a free out-of-school creative youth development program.

Mecklenburg County Suburban Towns



FY20 Funding to ASC: $18,000



FY20 Funding to ASC: $25,000



FY20 Funding to ASC: $10,000



FY20 Funding to ASC: $10,000