Join the movement. Be an arts advocate.

Your voice is essential in providing Culture For All. Whether at the federal, state, or local level, you have the opportunity to keep Charlotte-Mecklenburg culturally engaged. Visit our Advocacy Action Center to register for VoterVoice, the free tool that allows you to express your opinions and stay informed.

Advocacy Action Center


What are you advocating?

Culture For All. Since the 1970s, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg/ASC Public-Private Partnership for cultural affairs has enabled ASC to distribute funding throughout the region. This is a nationally recognized model that combines resources from the public sector with those of the private sector to maximize community impact.

When ASC receives public sector support, all of Charlotte-Mecklenburg benefits through greater community enrichment. Many of our community’s cultural institutions rely on operating support from ASC to stay open. Businesses and tourists alike are attracted to well-rounded cities with plenty to see and do. Students learn how to be creatively literate. Quality of life abounds.

Ultimately, public sector support maintains the health of cultural programs and people across the Charlotte-Mecklenburg region.

Our advocacy takes place not only locally but also at the state and federal levels.

5 Easy Ways to Advocate for the Arts

It’s as easy as finding a way to tell your impact story.

  1. Call or write a letter to your representatives. ASC’s Advocacy Action Center makes it easy for you to connect directly with your representatives. Complete the “Quick Sign Up” form on the right-hand side for future opportunities to contact elected officials.
  2. Share a message on social media. Whether you write a personal message or document someone else’s experience, social media is a quick way to share the impact of the arts with hundreds of readers. Tag other users or re-post stories to reach even more people.

  4. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Reaching out to your local newspaper editor is a powerful way to raise awareness about the value of the arts to your community. Get started with this template from Americans for the Arts.
  5. Know the facts about impact. Learn about the Charlotte Region’s Creative Economy here.
  6. Vote. Visit the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections website to check your voter registration status and to find important election information.