How power2give raised $5 million in 950 days

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By H. Perry Mixter 
Associate Vice President, Client Services, power2give


By day 465, Community School of the Arts had raised $1,000 to support over 100 dedicated young musicians through its signature Suzuki Strings program.

By day 648, the Carolina Raptor Center had raised $9,600 to support feeding the birds through its “Food, Glorious Food!” project.

By day 924, Northwest School of the Arts had raised $7,500 to enable students to attend the prestigious Southeastern Theatre Conference in Mobile, Ala.

Those are just three of the over 2,100 successful power2give projects from across the country.

Add up all the funds raised nationwide for cultural projects large and small, and you get $5 million in just 950 days – a milestone reached in March.

At, we are celebrating crossing the $5 million mark in funds raised since the Arts & Science Council launched this innovative

Perry Mixter, associate vice president of client services.
Perry Mixter, associate vice president of client services.

crowd funding platform for arts and culture two and a half years ago. You may be wondering why this achievement is so significant for us. To put this in perspective, can you think of any platform or campaign that raises, on average, in excess of $5,000 per day for arts and culture?

There are many more reasons to celebrate this accomplishment and what it represents.

We are changing the fund raising landscape. The power2give platform has secured donations from over 20,000 unique individuals, who have directed their funding to the projects they are passionate about – and in an age when new donors are hard to come by, over 40-percent of these donors are first time contributors.

Raising awareness AND funds. The average power2give gift is between $50 and $100, so the platform provides an easy way for donors to make modest gifts towards projects where their support makes a difference and gives them a deeper understanding about the impact they are having in the community. Over time, this helps to build much stronger relationships with these organizations’ individual donors.

The flexibility to raise funds anytime. The power2give platform is totally flexible – the organization decides the timing and duration of their power2give project campaign, and determines the appropriate target markets for the campaign. Reaching those markets through social media is effective and economical.

We’re not just in Charlotte anymore. In fact, Charlotte is just the tip of the iceberg – power2give is now nationwide! The platform showcases and celebrates the incredible diversity of the cultural landscape in the 24 communities we now serve. From Seattle to DC and Miami to Detroit, each power2give community learns from the successes achieved by others, and we are developing a great network to share and build upon each other’s crowd funding accomplishments.

Storytelling is the key. Unlike other forms of fund raising and awareness building, we have learned that the most essential component in a successful crowd funding campaign is compelling storytelling. When an organization succinctly describes the positive impact their project will have in the community, donors respond. power2give is the ideal platform for this exchange.

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