How I shot my summer vacation at ASC Digital and Media Literacy Camp

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At the Arts & Science Council’s Digital and Media Literacy Camp, high school students have taken field trips to Studio 345, the multimedia space where ASC runs an after-school youth development program during the school year. Read on to learn more about Ashley Boyd-Hobbs’ experience at the studio. 

By  Ashley Boyd-Hobbs 
ASC Digital and Media Literacy Camp participant 

When I walked through these doors, I thought I was going to have a better summer than the last one. Because I thought I wasn’t going to be bored at home doing the same 2 or 3 things all over like watching TV, taking a nap, or surfing the web with those same 3 websites I usually use all the time. And when I’m on them all day while my mother’s at work, I get bored pretty fast. But when I came to camp and saw the kids talking and laughing, I just started getting nervous because I’m not so good at talking to people, and making others laugh. But that was until I went to Studio 345.

 Ashley Boyd-Hobbs
Ashley Boyd-Hobbs

We went to Studio 345 on week 2 of camp. I thought it was going to be just another day, but then I walked through those doors to the room where the photography magic happens. It looks like a hangout for teens – I guess the people who fixed up the studio didn’t want a boring-looking place like a classroom at school. Our assignment was to take self portraits… with food! I was excited because I love food, a lot! And it turned out to be fruits and vegetables, even though I would’ve preferred like salty chips or chocolate chip cookies and all that other junk food. My idea of a food self-portrait was to throw grapes in the air, trying to make it look like it was raining grapes. I got the bunches of grapes and threw them up in the air a little, sort of like juggling. I stuck with that, and it turned out pretty well! When I went to edit it on Photoshop the next day, I took a grape from the group of grapes and copied/pasted it. I tried to make it look like I did copy/paste it too.

I went to the studio again the next Wednesday. Our assignment was just self-portraits. I was a little nervous, since I don’t like showing my teeth when I smile and I don’t like looking at the camera because the flash hurts my eyes. I didn’t really smile on my last self-portrait; it was a kind of a surprised look when I was throwing the grapes up in the air, a focused look. This time I was really tired, and it was really hot outside so I looked a little bit messed up. I can always edit that in Photoshop though! I did a couple of other pictures to show my personality more. I took one with a Cannon camera around my neck, making it look like I was taking a picture, and another one listening to music with my Beats by Dre headphones on my head with my iPod Touch in my hand.

I heard you can sign up with the studio during the school year, which I might do. I’m still keeping photography as a hobby though, and still working on becoming a veterinarian. Seriously, if it wasn’t for the Arts & Science council, I would’ve never found Studio 345. Thank you so much, ASC, I really, appreciate it!

Ashley Boyd-Hobbs is a rising sophomore at Rocky River High School in Mint Hill. This is her first summer at ASC Digital and Media Literacy Camp.