How Does CharMeck Value Arts and Culture?

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Development Wednesday
By Catherine Miller, Development Officer 

For the past 7 years ASC has worked with UNC Charlotte’s Urban Institute to distribute the Cultural Life Survey. This survey asks residents a series of questions that help ASC gauge the importance of arts and culture to the residents of Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Yearly, one of the initial questions asked is: ‘What factors create a high quality of life for this community?’ Unsurprisingly answers like quality education, good jobs, weather and safe neighborhoods are at the top of the list. Perhaps surprisingly though ‘arts and culture’ also makes the top of the list with all of those other factors.

I think this list speaks volumes about our community. I am not sure that if this same question was asked in multiple communities that the results would be the same. Where else, during the worst recession since the great depression, where arts and culture could have easily been swept under the mat for a few years, would four world class cultural facilities be completed and open to tremendous success?

Charlotte-Mecklenburg residents have long been committed to making this community a first rate one. Quality of life is important to us, and that means having top of the line cultural institutions that reach as much of the public as possible.

Of course all of these wonderful assets that we enjoy need funding. This is why ASC is a critical part of the fabric of our cultural sector. It is our job to ensure that residents here stay connected and enthusiastic about all the sector has to offer. As a Development Officer, I consider it an honor to help tell the story of how arts and culture impact us all in a positive way. I am never wanton for reasons to support the cultural scene because it constantly provides me with inspiring stories, and moving performances. I am just so thrilled to know that our community feels the same way.