Professional Development Scholarship Grants

What is the Program Purpose? Professional Development Scholarship Grants provide funds to Charlotte-Mecklenburg non-profit organizations with a primary mission of arts, science or history to encourage staff and/or board members to attend workshops, conferences, or short-term training programs. We wish to encourage staff and board development at all levels of the organization.

Who is Eligible? Any Mecklenburg County non-profit organization whose primary mission includes arts, science or history. Public and independent schools, colleges and universities, after school programs, and camps are not eligible. Generally, this program supports opportunities within organizations previously funded by ASC.

If you are an educator, learn more about ASC’s professional development opportunities for Principals, Educators and Teaching Artists in the areas of Arts, Sciences, History and Heritage here.

What is Eligible? A Professional Development Scholarship Grant may be requested to support staff and/or board member attendance at a workshop, conference, or short-term training program that will advance their service to the organization. Competitive requests will provide access to these experiences by staff and/or board who traditionally have not been engaged in the given opportunity.

What is the Support Period? The FY21 Professional Development Scholarship Grants support period is to be determined.

How much may I request? Is there a matching requirement? There is an annual limit of $1,500 per organization. Grants will be for half of the eligible expenses (fees, travel and hotel) capping at $1,500 per organization per fiscal year. Organizations may apply for multiple staff/board to attend the same conference under one application. A separate request should be completed for each experience. All organizations are required to cash match the eligible expenses dollar-for-dollar. The budget template will assist with calculating the organization match amount.

Are there Ineligible Expenses? Grant funds cannot be used for staff salaries or benefits, per diems, or incidental expenses incurred during the conference/professional development experience.

When is the deadline? The FY21 Professional Development Grants support period is to be determined. Grant applications are not being accepted at this time. ASC staff will accept, review and approve requests as long as funds are available. Generally applicants will be notified within three weeks. The application form must be received by our office no less than 30 days prior to the date of the opportunity in order for the request to be considered eligible.

How do I Apply? All applicants are required to apply through our online application system. To request access to the online application form, please email

What is the Required Reporting? Most important to ASC is learning how your Professional Development Scholarship Grant helped improve or change the organization. All grantees will be required to submit a final report that describes the outcomes of the experience. Final reports must be filed through the online process within the 30 days following the conference.

Other Questions? If you have any questions, please email


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