FECUND – An Incomparable Artistic Experience

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By David Currence, Marketing Manager

FECUNDTo say John W. Love, Jr. is a “renaissance man” would be a gross understatement.  To say FECUND, his multidisciplinary performance and installation event (funded by ASC’s $25,000 2011 McColl Award), is all-encompassing would also be a definite understatement.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg will experience the initial aspect of FECUND on May 12 when Love continues his residency at the Mint Museum Uptown at Levine Center for the Arts. Using an experiential approach, his installation will invite visitors to contemplate notions of “yes” during their time in the Robert Haywood Morrison Atrium and after their departure.

Love’s residency and interactive components of the installation are just the beginning.  The FECUND experience contains two components:  (1) The sculptural, installation and workshop series, (2) The performance work, The Diaries of Neequa or She Who Would Be King, (3) The web-based and social media initiative – fecund.0, and (4) The gallery exhibition, Path of Yes.

The May 12 installation will act as a precursor to Love’s one-man performance at First Look Friday on May 17.  In Love’s words, this performance will introduce us to “…the Perpetually Pregnant Man telling the story of a reluctant, juicy-faced, 14-year-old priestess’ path to becoming king, when all she thought she was doing was searching for her twin brother, Black Lily Billy ~ The Visceral.”

Intrigued?  You should be.  Love describes FECUND as “…the culmination and natural progression of my work as an interdisciplinary literary and performing artist, facilitator of art and healing initiatives for challenged and unchallenged populations, and lifetime student of holistic health modalities.”  He went on to further say “FECUND’s manifestation now will facilitate a cataclysmic shift in the scope, scale and richness I’m able to share, as well as encourage an even more progressive conversation around the power of artistry.”

To understand the complete FECUND concept and learn more about the extraordinary life and mind of John W. Love, Jr., begin the experiential journey with him on May 12 at the Mint Museum.  It is sure to be a one-of-a-kind, never-before-seen experience.

Take a sneak peak below.