Excited to Kick Off The Make Your Mark Campaign!

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By Julie Conigliaro, Senior Development Officer

Tuesday, January 31st, marks the kick off of ASC’s Make Your Mark campaign, our yearly effort to raise funds for arts, science, history and heritage organizations and programs across Charlotte-Mecklenburg. This campaign year is special to me as it marks my fifth campaign with ASC, which is both exciting and unbelievable to me.

When I started in 2007, we were on the brink of raising $11.8MM in the Annual Fund Drive, which would be the most money we’ve ever raised. I was wide-eyed watching the Development department, like cogs in the AFD machine, manage successful workplace campaign after successful workplace campaign, and one major corporate gift after another. I had just come from working on capital campaign in Washington, DC, and was never exposed to a funding model like ASC and the Annual Fund Drive. It was amazing.

Years that followed proved more challenging. The business climate changed completely; tough years of 2009 and 2010 would shape the years to come.

This is why, in 2012, we will ask the community to “Make Your Mark” on Charlotte with a gift to ASC. Times certainly have changed since I first came on board to this organization but I am confident that the level of commitment from the community will remain as steadfast as it was in 2008. While individually we may not think our involvement will make an impact, but when we all make our mark together, we can see big things and make 2012 a banner year for Charlotte.

Please join ASC on January 31st at the Mint Museum at the Levine Center for the Arts to celebrate the kick off of the 2012 Annual Fund Drive. The event will start at 5:30PM.