The Arts Mean Business

Host: Glenn Burkins


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It’s no secret that business and banking are core to Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s identity. Often, the connection between creativity and business can be obscured. However, the bond between the two is stronger than you might think.

In this episode of the Culture For All podcast, we’ll take a look at how a strong creative class makes Charlotte-Mecklenburg a more attractive location for businesses. We’ll also examine the impact the cultural sector has on our local economy.

You’ll hear from economic expert Steve Pearce of the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance about the economics of art and culture. Timothy Hager and Matt Olin will talk about creativity being necessary for critical thinking. Keith Cradle and Tom Hanchett will speak about how a lack of funding destabilizes cultural organizations. Finally, we talk to business owners Jennifer Appleby, Marcie and Marty Kelso and Linda Lockman-Brooks about how a strong creative community is essential for their businesses to thrive.

Host Glenn Burkins, a Mecklenburg County resident, leads you through this look at the business of arts.

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Economic Impact Stats*

  • The non-profit arts and culture sector in Mecklenburg County generates $242.7 million in total economic activity.
  • This spending supports 7,652 full-time equivalent jobs, generates $185.7 million in household income to local residents and delivers $21.6 million in local and state government revenue.
  • Event-related spending by cultural audiences totaled $105 million in Mecklenburg County in fiscal year 2015.
  • Non-resident nonprofit arts attendees spent an average of 64 percent more per person than local attendees ($35.72 vs. $21.79) as a result of their attendance to cultural events.

*Source: Arts & Economic Prosperity 5