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Thank you for tuning in to the “Culture For All” podcast, produced by the Arts & Science Council (ASC). This podcast is designed to inform and educate Mecklenburg County voters about the proposed quarter-cent sales tax to stabilize and transform the arts and cultural community and ensure cultural equity (Read ASC’s Cultural Equity Statement and the Background & Process).

You’ll have a chance to vote on this initiative November 5 and listening to this podcast is one of the best ways you can make sure you’re prepared when you vote. Hear how arts, science, history and culture is building community and bridges across difference, enhancing, Pre-K-12 education, driving the economy and supporting creative individuals.

If you’ve just found this podcast and are unfamiliar with the tax, please listen to Episode 1 first. This episode will provide an overview of the tax and give you all the information you need to know right now.

Each of the other four episodes in this series looks at how arts and culture impacts creative individuals, Pre-K-12 students, residents and the local economy.

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Season 2

Season 1

Remember to share your voice with the Arts & Science Council on this important topic. Call or text us at 704.286.6288 and leave a :30 message. Your responses may be used in a future episode of this podcast. You can also email us at, or contact us via social media.

This podcast was produced by the Arts & Science Council and GohJo Studios. Original Music by Harvey Cummings.

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