Carpenter Artwork, Site Getting Ready for Installation

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A conceptual design of Ed Carpenter’s work at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

In just a few weeks, Ed Carpenter’s public artwork at Charlotte Douglas International Airport will be installed, making its debut to motorists along Billy Graham Parkway and travelers heading into the city from the airport. Carpenter’s 60-foot tall sculpture combines a steel fabricated form that suggests imagery associated with the excitement of flight with colorful dichroic glass that plays off both natural and artificial lighting.

The sculpture’s site at Billy Graham Parkway and R.C. Josh Birmingham Parkway.

The sculpture is in the final stages of fabrication at SteelFab, a local company which is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of fabricated structural steel. Carpenter’s artwork is new territory for the company that is better known for supplying the steel for buildings like the Duke Energy Center in Uptown Charlotte and Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Ga. For the last several months, SteelFab’s fabricators have worked with the artist to construct the three, 60 foot steel trusses that make up the body of the sculpture.

While SteelFab fabricates the artwork, subcontractors are busy grading and running electricity to the sculpture’s site at North Billy Graham Parkway and R.C. Josh Birmingham Parkway. And back in Portland, Ore., Carpenter is finishing the dichroic glass pieces that will cover the sculpture.

Carpenter returns to Charlotte on August 14 to begin the installation. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks.

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One of the fabricated trusses in process at SteelFab.
Finished dichroic glass pieces that will be part of the sculpture.