ASC provides needed cultural experiences for students

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By Bernie Petit
Communications Manager 

Allen Tate - School Grants ProgramPutting cultural experiences in all Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools gives students a greater chance at success.

Ensuring such parity exists across schools regardless of student population is the goal of the Arts & Science Council (ASC) Education School Grants program, which provides up to $285,000 in total funding to local schools for cultural programming.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools are eligible for $1,500 to $3,000 each. Schools spend their funds directly on cultural programming that aligns with their specialized learning environments and helps increase student success in a particular subject matter.

Before the school grants program began last year, only 83 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools received in-school cultural programming provided by professional artists, scientists, historians and other cultural providers the previous year.

In the first year, 154 of 159 CMS schools participated, resulting in cultural opportunities for students that wouldn’t have access to them any other way.

ASC is you and me making a real difference in a child’s life – one that makes success more likely than ever before.