ASC investment helps group take modern dance to nontraditional spaces

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By Bernie Petit
Communications Manager

Triptych Collective

Eric Mullis never saw those abandoned mills.

The structures that brought NoDa, Charlotte’s art district, into existence never truly entered his field of vision when he walked by.

Then he and his cohorts in Triptych Collective – a group of artists that present music, dance and art in nontraditional ways to engage audiences – learned how socio-economic lines influenced the city’s development.

Afterward, Mullis saw NoDa in a new light.

“It just completely changed for it for me, the meaning of that place, giving it that historical depth,” he said.

As a result, the Collective developed a multi-media performance piece centered on the meaning of home. An Arts & Science Council (ASC) Cultural Innovation Grant, which invests in emerging cultural groups that show innovation and promise programmatically, allowed it to perform its work in nontraditional spaces – including the parking lot of one of those abandoned mills.

“For most people, dance tends to be ballet and maybe ballroom,” Mullis said. “We really want to try to reach people who would otherwise never see modern dance.”

ASC is you and me providing one-of-a-kind cultural experiences in venues people wouldn’t expect them to occur, giving them a new perspective of sense of space and place.

Check Them Out!

Triptych Collective presents Articulating Through Action: An Evening of Reflective Performance, at 8:30 p.m. Thursday, April 24, at Neighborhood Theatre, 511 E. 36th St., Charlotte. Doors open at 8 p.m. Admission is $12, $10 with a donation item for Charlotte Family Housing. Items needed include gently used or new bed and bath items, kitchen items and cleaning items.

Artists presenting works at the collective’s last show of the season are Sarah Ingel, Eric Mullis, Caitlyn Swett and guest artist Christiana Barnet-Murphy from Durham. Dance performances will be followed by a dance party with MIAMI DICE!

For more details, visit