ASC Grant Helps Propel Emerging Artist Forward

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Why This Matters: ASC Regional Artist Project Grants provide creative artists with the resources they need to advance their careers in 2020.
Past ASC Regional Artist Project Grant recipient Danielle Carelock.
Past ASC Regional Artist Project Grant recipient Danielle Carelock.
By Bernie Petit
Communications Manager

If inspiration strikes ceramicist and visual artist Danielle Carelock in the middle of the night, she can now experiment with those ideas right away thanks to an ASC Regional Artist Project Grant (RAPG).

Carelock received a $1,199 RAPG award in 2019 to purchase a potter’s wheel and establish a private home pottery studio.

“It gives me an immediacy of doing the work without having to jot it down and get around to it months later,” she said. “I can experiment with textures and surfaces made on the wheel. I’m making work that I wouldn’t be able to otherwise.”

The Charlotte native said her artistic career has grown steadily over the past three years.

Danielle Carelock at work.
Danielle Carelock at work.

In addition to completing residencies at Salem Art Works in Salem, NY and STARworks in Star, NC, Carelock is studio assistant to UNC Charlotte Art and Art History Department Chair Lydia Thompson and a teaching artist at Clayworks and for the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art’s Jail Arts Initiative.

The therapeutic nature of ceramics drew her to the artform while at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where she graduated with a degree in sculpture and ceramics in 2017. She lost several family members during her college career, including her mom in 2015.

“Ceramics gave me the opportunity to not only think about all of the things going on in my life and what I’m stressed about, but to think about what’s right in front of me,” she said.

Today, her individual practice ranges from smaller, functional pieces like bowls (“I like to eat out of my pots and I like people to eat out of my pots”) to a recent interest in large sculptural works that incorporate her personal history.

“Over time I was able to hone in what I was interested in,” she said. “Getting a grant really kind of drove that forward.”

Programs like the RAPG, which provides Charlotte-Mecklenburg area artists with up to $2,000 for professional development or to purchase/rent equipment, are vital because they give emerging creatives access to their chosen fields that they might not otherwise have, Carelock said.

“As a young person trying to gain footing in their field, that equipment is expensive, rent is expensive, bills are expensive,” she said. “This allows them the opportunity to create momentum in that field and not stress about how they’re going to get this really important piece of equipment.”

In 2020, 40 established and emerging artists will receive grants ranging from $530 to $2,000. Recipients, who will receive a combined $67,500 in funding, represent eight counties and disciplines from film and theatre to visual arts and dance.

2020 RAPG recipients

Angela Almond$530

To purchase an art desk.

Nico Amortegui.

Nico Amortegui$1,500

To purchase a medium-sized electric kiln.

E.E. Balcos$1,758

To support participation in a Body-Mind Centering course on the Muscular System at Espirit en Mouvement in Montreal, Canada in spring 2020.

Emily Berger$2,000

To support participation in a week-long master class in sculptural carving or advanced turning at Arrowmont in Gatlinburg, TN.

Tom Burch$2,000

To support travel and workshop fees to attend a puppetry workshop in summer 2020.

Eduardo Cedeno$2,000

To attend a master class in conducting.

Sarah Council$1,350

To provide tuition, fees and housing support to attend American Dance Festival’s Dance Professional Workshop for Makers.

MyLoan Dinh.
MyLoan Dinh.

MyLoan Dinh$2,000

To produce an artist’s catalog, including professional photography of artwork and printing.

Matthew Duffus$695

To complete a one-week residency at The Good Contrivance Farm Writer’s Retreat in Reisterstown, MD.

Angelo Geter$1,958

To attend the National Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities (APCA) Conference in Orlando, Fla.

Artist Maja Godlewska

Maja Godlewska$1,975

To buy acrylic paints to create new work for the international group exhibition in Neon Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland scheduled for July 2020.

Gail Haley$1,270

To support initial steps in creating an archive of the illustrator’s body of work.

Noah Hartley$1,400

To support an artist residency at the Fish Factory in Iceland in June 2020.

Dia Hunn$1,745

To purchase a SlingStudio Mobile Production Kit streaming video encoder for live video/audio streaming.

Blaine Hurdle.

Blaine Hurdle$1,390

To purchase an EMax EVOlution Dual-Port Micro-Motor system and attachable accessories.

Carmella Jarvi

Carmella Jarvi$1,448

To attend a Fused Glass Enterprise class at Bullseye Glass in Portland, OR.

William Jenkins.
William Jenkins.

William Jenkins–$2,000

To purchase a wide format printer for studio.

Doris Kapner.
Doris Kapner.

Doris Kapner$1,176   

To purchase a slab roller for personal studio.

Allegra Klett-Wilson$2,000

To purchase a Jeweler’s Hydraulic Press.

Jessica Lindsey$1,800

To support the recording and editing of a CD featuring the electroacoustic music of diverse composers, performed by the Spatial Forces Duo.

Sammy Lopez$2,000

To rent a phantom camera in order to complete the next installment /profile of the film series, “My Friends Do Cool Sh!t.”

Annette Lowder$1,828

To support participation in an artist residency in Shigaraki, Japan.

Asia Macon-Burton$1,249

To support a certification class in Photography plus required supplies and materials.

Meg Greene Malvasi$2,000

To support participation in the mentorship program with the Santa Fe Workshops.

Jeremy Marks$1,500

To support participation in the Trombone Ensemble Repertoire Commission.

Nancy Nelson-Ewing$2,000

To conduct a workshop of a spoken-word performance piece.

Molly Partyka$1,900

To support material costs for 6-8 large canvases, acrylic paint, mediums and varnishes to create a collection of acrylic, mixed media paintings.

Ron Philbeck.

Ron Philbeck$2,000

To purchase an Apple MacBook Pro computer.

Anne Marie Propst$1,500

To participate in a workshop at Warehouse 521 in Nashville, Tenn.

Jackie Radford$2,000

To purchase a Hollander-style beater to process fiber into paper pulp to make paper.

Juan Diego Reyes$2,000

To support tuition and travel expenses for Advanced Mentored Studies Program for visual storytelling & documentary photography at Anderson Ranch Arts Center.

Claire Ritter.

Virginia Claire Ritter$2,000

To purchase technical equipment to write a Jazz method book, entitled “The Splendor of Jazz” (computer, music software, keyboard).

2017 ASC Creative Renewal Fellowship recipient Melissa Salpietra.
Melissa Salpietra.

Melissa Salpietra$2,000

To support participation in continuing education courses: Intro & Advanced classes for Color Correction and Grading for Film.

Paula M. B. Sanders$1,479

To purchase aprinter to complete plays; book writing aspirations; and continued program development/marketing/advertisement/implementation/evaluation and reporting.

April Simmons$748

To purchase an exterior video monitor (Lilliput A7S) and an audio field recorder (Sound Devices Field Recorder and AC power).

Benjamin Still$1,300

To support participation in the 2020 Asia Pacific Saxophone Academy in Bangkok, Thailand.

Grace Stott$2,000

To purchase a large electric skutt kiln.

Gene Stowe$2,000

To support and capture video and audio of local people and places in Union County for a documentary.

Erik Waterkotte$2,000

To purchase a large format inkjet printer to facilitate integrating print and mixed-media.

William White–$2,000

To purchase a Laurastar S7 vacuum and blowing with boiler iron.