All good stories have a beginning, middle and end. We at ASC are currently embracing the middle: building on a strong past and preparing for an even brighter future. In the early days, 1958 to be exact, ASC was founded as a cultural hub. Its role was to sustain and support art in Charlotte-Mecklenburg County. That same year, ASC raised $68,000 to support eight member organizations – some of which you may be familiar with: Charlotte Choral Society (Carolina Voices), Charlotte Symphony, Charlotte Nature Museum, Children’s Theatre of Charlotte, Mint Museum of Art, Theatre Charlotte, Oratorio Singers (now part of the Charlotte Symphony) and Opera Carolina.

So how did $68,000 multiply into nearly $15 million in donations, which supports organizations, cultural education, individual artists, cultural festivals, and more?  It’s because our public and private donors believe that everyone should have access to arts and cultural experiences and educate, entertain and enhance their quality of life. Our donors know that ASC is a dedicated steward of resources, and is committed to making Charlotte-Mecklenburg come alive through meaningful encounters with art, science and history/heritage.

This involves partnering with the community in every way. Befriending local corporations. Being present in local schools. Connecting neighborhoods with artists. Understanding government policy. We work at this tirelessly because we believe in Culture For All.

We believe in culture for you.

Thanks for being a part of our story; we hope you plan on sticking around for the next chapter.

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