A sense of time and place

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Sonja Langford.
By Page Leggett

“If I were any good at math, I’d probably be an architect,” Sonja Langford says.

You can likely detect her love of architecture in the art. Sonja’s work explores themes of space, home and the past.

Born in St. Augustine, Florida and raised all over, she enjoys both “travel and finding home in new places.” Her birthplace lays claim to being the oldest city in America. When she moved to Charlotte in 2015, she couldn’t help but notice the lack of history on display here.

“I was struck by that,” she says. “I knew Charlotte was an old city, but I didn’t see a lot of old architecture. I wanted a connection to the city’s past.”

In that longing for connection, the idea for her CSA project was born. Through methodical research in the Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room at the main library, she put together a series of photographs showcasing Charlotte’s past – a past no longer visible.

While she considers herself an “emerging artist,” Sonja is an old soul. She loves history and libraries, listens to Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong and admires Dorothea Lange, the documentary photographer and social justice pioneer best known for her Depression-era portraits that put a face on poverty.

Sonja recently began shooting film and has become at home in the darkroom. She’s also a ceramic artist and is currently exploring how to meld traditional darkroom printing with clay.

She hopes her work prompts people to think and ask questions.