5 Reasons to Join ASC’s Young Donor Society

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Why This Matters: There are multiple reasons to support access to an excellent, relevant and sustainable cultural community in Charlotte-Mecklenburg through membership in ASC’s Young Donor Society (YDS). YDS Steering Committee Member Diana Gialo shares her Top 5.
Young Donor Society members enjoy ASC’s YDS Signature Event at Camp North End
By Diana Gialo
YDS Steering Committee Member 

I’ve been in Charlotte for over three years. The age old saying “time flies” has never been truer. Since my move, the quaint life I’ve curated, the career I’ve embarked on and the people who have come into my life have made Charlotte my home.

One of the many wonderful things about Charlotte is the city’s welcoming nature – and finding people who share the same interests as you is easier than you might think. When I first moved to Charlotte, I attended hiking meetups, joined free yoga classes at the many breweries and joined the ASC fundraiser team at work. I’ve always been a fan of the arts – art history and literature, in particular – so this was a way to combine one of my passions with work and socializing.

By joining ASC’s Young Donor Society (YDS) steering committee, I’ve plugged in to my community and made new friends in the process. Here are five ways getting involved with YDS has enriched my life here in Charlotte and can enrich yours, too.


1. Hang out with people who are passionate about the arts and science – YDS hosts many social events throughout the year. Whether it’s a casual meet-up ahead of an art exhibit opening, a family-friendly museum outing or an ASC-sponsored event, YDS fosters a community of young professionals who share similar interests, making it a great way to expand your network.


2. Gain access to exclusive content and events from local artists – While ASC has a ton of cultural events open to the entire greater Mecklenburg community, they also offer YDS-specific events that provide exclusive access to cool attractions, artists in residence, pre-openings and rehearsals, and more.


3. Learn more about your city – Did you know, Charlotte has public art installations all around the city? Did you know Romare Bearden Park is named after a world-famous artist and Charlotte native?  And that one of Charlotte’s most recent public art installation is an ode to the artist by one of his contemporaries, Richard Hunt? I didn’t know either… until I joined YDS. You can gain knowledge about Charlotte’s hidden arts and science gems by getting involved.


4. Explore leadership opportunities outside of your day job – In addition to joining the YDS steering committee, there are also leadership opportunities available within the committee. We are comprised of three sub-committees, and each one has a committee chair. The sub-committees are a great way to get further entrenched in the Charlotte community and build leadership skills through volunteerism.


5. Attending the YDS Signature Event – Who doesn’t love a good, swanky soiree? Well we’re not THAT swanky, but we do have our YDS Signature Event, an annual party for all YDS members and their guests. We have a dedicated event subcommittee dedicated to ensure each year’s Signature Event is fun and unique – and they do an amazing job. The Carolinas Aviation Museum, Camp North End, Charlotte Museum of History and McColl Center for Art + Innovation are just some of the venues where we’ve celebrated. In Dec. 2018, YDS members enjoyed a two-location Signature Event featuring local creatives, interactive art projects and musical performances from the Jazz Arts Initiative and Charlotte Folk Society.