Award-winning history teacher anything but boring

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By Bernie Petit Communications Specialist  Allison Rayson promised herself she wouldn’t be a boring teacher. “I always wanted to have an engaging class and I always challenge myself to come up with lesson plans to push the students and make them excited about history, which can sometimes be seen as not such an exciting topic,” said Rayson, …

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A look into the arena of public art

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By Bernie Petit Communications Specialist  They say you can’t move forward without first looking back – we’ve all heard the saying about those who ignore history are doomed and whatnot. So before we celebrate public art in Charlotte-Mecklenburg this weekend with the “Finding Your Part in Public Art” Scavenger Hunt and a Public Art Lecture …

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Two ways to celebrate public art this weekend

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By Bernie Petit Communications Specialist Whether you want an in-depth discussion of public art or you just want to discover more about the public artwork uptown Charlotte has to offer, this weekend is for you. The Arts & Science Council (ASC), the Public Art Commission and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community will celebrate the 10 year anniversary …

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Public art gives communities new ground to share their stories

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By Bernie Petit Communications Specialist  Broken sentimental things are made beautiful again in a public art piece representative of sacred symbols of protection and trust. Charlotte-based artist Tom Thoune integrated chipped teacups, cracked dishes and similar items donated by residents from the surrounding Grier Heights neighborhood into “Finding New Ground,” installed in November 2011 at …

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