10 cultural resolutions to make – and keep – in 2016

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By ASC Staff

new year 2016

If your goal is to live a richer, fuller life in the New Year, then resolve to engage in arts and culture in 2016.

Take a look at the list below and commit to making your life – and the lives of others – better through culture.

2016 Cultural Resolutions

1. Get to know a local artist. Visit their studio and ask about their creative process.

2. Sing in public.

3. Plan a night out around a play or an exhibition opening.

4. Snap a selfie in front of a local public artwork and post it using #CultureForAll.

5. Advocate for arts and culture. Register for VoterVoice to learn about the issues.

6. Share the arts and culture articles you’re reading on social media.

7. Head to a festival that celebrates a culture different than your own. From Festival of India and Festival in the Park to the Bon Odori Festival and the Latin American Festival, there are plenty to choose from.

8. Take your child (or a niece or nephew) to the museum or to an age-appropriate performance. Or, better yet, to both.

9. Sign up for CulturePicks! on CharlotteCultureGuide.com to stay informed about cultural events happening each week.

10. Give to ASC and/or to your cultural passion.