Cultural Planning

Expansion and development of our vibrant and diverse cultural community has been guided by ASC's history of community cultural planning. 

Cultural planning is a process which identifies the arts and cultural needs and preferences of residents, examines existing resources and opportunities for arts and cultural development, and proposes strategies a given community can use to meet its citizens' needs for arts and cultural experiences.

ASC Strategic Plan

ASC's Strategic Plan is a roadmap based on community recommendations from the 2014 Cultural Vision Plan and Cultural Life Task Force.  It signals ASC’s evolution from solely a fundraising vehicle for which success is measured by dollars raised, to an investment vehicle whose success is measured by the impact of deploying a range of resources.

View ASC's Strategic Plan.

Cultural Life Task Force

The Cultural Life Task Force was appointed to examine the history and current state of the arts and cultural sector; identify the challenges it faces given dramatic changes in the region’s demography, economy and other factors; and establish priorities to ensure a healthy vibrant cultural community by responding to the public’s needs and expectations expressed in the forthcoming Cultural Vision Plan.

View the Cultural Life Task Force findings and recommendations adopted by ASC.

Cultural Vision Plan

In 2010, ASC commissioned the fourth countywide Cultural Vision Plan in its 50-plus year history, enlisting the participation of more than 1,800 area residents. Unlike previous plans, this one, created during the worst economic crisis in decades, provided the organization with the opportunity to rethink ways the cultural sector could further contribute to community vitality.

The role and impact of arts and culture were examined and debated through a series of visioning sessions focused on neighborhood development, community building, quality of life, community vitality and identity, education, lifelong learning, economic development and tourism.

View the community's Cultural Vision Plan.

Cultural Facilities Master Plan

A 25-year vision for cultural facility development across Mecklenburg County developed in partnership with the Foundation For The Carolinas and Charlotte Center City Partners.

View the Cultural Facilities Master Plan adopted by the Cultural Facilities Master Plan Blue Ribbon Committee and ASC.

Supporting documents include:
Appendix A
Appendices B & C

Click here for frequently asked questions regarding the Cultural Facilities Endowment Campaign.

Public Art Master Plan

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Art Master Plan outlines goals, objectives, and implementation strategies to enhance and expand the public art program as administered by ASC.  The plan contains findings and recommendations, five year funding projections, a public art ordinance and guidelines for both the City, the County and the Charlotte Area Transit System, and recommendations on program administration and staffing, as well as potential project areas.

The plan is a result of more than a year of meetings, interviews with individuals, workshops for the public and for artists, focus groups, community presentations, and extensive national and regional research. The planning process was overseen by the Public Art Master Plan Steering Committee, a body that was appointed by ASC and the Public Art Commission.  The final plan captures the aims and intentions of the community and focuses on specific action steps for implementation.

Click here to view the Public Art Master Plan.

Town Cultural Action Plans

ASC has also dedicated resources toward developing cultural action plans for Mecklenburg County towns outside of Charlotte. Town planning efforts have included:

Mint Hill Cultural Action Plan

In January 2005, the Town of Mint Hill and ASC initiated a cultural planning process in Mint Hill to learn what arts and cultural resources and activities citizens of the community desire. The completed plan is designed to guide the arts and cultural development work of ASC and the Town of Mint Hill over the next several years. The plan acknowledges and relies on a number of important assets within Mint Hill upon which cultural development can build and makes connections between recommended arts and cultural development initiatives and broader community goals.

In January 2006, the Cultural Action Plan was adopted by ASC's Board of Directors and endorsed by the Mint Hill Board of Commissioners as a guide for addressing the cultural needs of Mint Hill. The first phase of implementation planning is now underway.

Click here to view the Mint Hill Cultural Action Plan.

Pineville Cultural Action Plan

The Town of Pineville and ASC were involved in a cultural planning process to determine what arts, science, history and heritage programs the citizens of Pineville want for their community. In March 2006, the Cultural Action Plan was adopted by ASC's Board of Directors and endorsed by the Pineville Board of Commissioners as a guide for addressing the cultural needs of Pineville.

Click here to view the Pineville Cultural Action Plan.

Matthews Cultural Action Plan

In February 2005, the Matthews Town Board unanimously accepted the Matthews Cultural Action Plan as a guide for addressing the cultural needs of Matthews. ASC's Board of Directors has also adopted the Plan and approved implementation funding to support local cultural programs. ASC and Matthews have now begun moving forward with implementation strategies.

Click here to view the Matthews Cultural Action Plan.

North Mecklenburg Cultural Action Plan (Cornelius, Davidson & Huntersville)

In 2003, the three north Mecklenburg towns decided to work together in a joint cultural planning process. Over the course of a year, a steering committee comprised of five members from each town in collaboration with the local Mayors and with feedback from hundreds of other citizens, worked to craft a plan that would provide a blueprint for future cultural programming initiatives and investment in North Mecklenburg communities. All three Town Boards endorsed the completed plan in the Fall of 2004 and appointed an Implementation Committee to begin next steps, including the allocation of ASC funding to support local cultural programs.

Click here to view the North Mecklenburg Cultural Plan.


Cultural Facilities Master Plan

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